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Qwikcert - Online Product Certificate Retrieval and Authentication Portal.
Authenticate Your Product
Since inception it has been Liftek' s number one priority to monitor, manage and ensure the quality of our products. It is aresponsibility that we take very seriously.
But in an environment where thing are not black or white, as an end-user of our products, how do you verify the authenticity of a Liftek product that may be using?
For this purpose, Liftek has developed introduced Qwikcert, an online portal that allows you to verify that you are getting genuine Liftek product.
Currently this system allows to check the authenticity of the below products;
Liftek Full Body Safety Harness
Liftek Lanyards
How it Works?
In the QwikCertportal, enter the ID No and the RCN Code of the product. These can be found on the Label that is on the Harness or Lanyard as indicated below found.
If the Serial No: and RCN Code combination is genuine, a product certificate is generated.