Steel Wire Ropes
LIFTX Cable Laid Grommets & Slings
LIFTXHyperlock Slings
LIFTX 9 Part Braided Slings
Steel Wire Rope Slings
Green Pin-Shackles
Excel- Grade 8 & Grade 10 Chain & Fittings
Chain Slings & Grade 80 Fittings
Polypropylene Ropes
Dyneema Ropes
Polyester Flat Webbing Slings & Endless Round Slings
Special Purpose Slings
SuperMax Round Sling
SuperMax Jacket Sling
Super Guard
Full Body Safety Harness & Accessories
Limpet-Multi-Functional Height Safety System
Cargo Lashing
Nyrosten Wire Rope Lubricants
LMS-Load Monitoring Systems
Modulift Spreader Beam
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Inspection, Testing & Certification Services
Tensile Test Services
Liftek Weighing Services
Personnel Certification
Rental Services
E-Mag Wire Rope Inspection
Wire Rope High Pressure Lubrication
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Approvals & Accreditations
Inspection And Certification
Our competent Engineers conduct Periodic & Thorough Inspections of various industrial equipment including(but not limited to)
Inspection of Powered Lifting Equipment
These cover a wide range of equipment used for lifting load either vertically or horizontally or both and mean any stationary or mobile equipment including attachments for anchoring, fixing or supporting that Equipment, which is operated by means of motive power e.g. electric, hydraulic or pneumatic or other powered means.
Examples: Mobile Crane / Crawler Crane Overhead Crane
Tower Crane Lorry Loaders
Pick & Carry Cranes Offshore Crane
Deck Cranes Slewing Jib Crane
Forklift Trucks Manlifts (MEWP)
Suspended Access Equipments (Cradle) Construction Hoists (Passenger / Goods Hoists)
Vehicle Lifts Monorail Beam With Hoist
Traction Hoists Electric Hoists
Dock Levelers Concrete Placing Boom
Concrete Pumps Winches
Air Compressors Pallet Stackers
Material lifters
Inspection of Manual Lifting Equipment
These cover a wide range of equipment used for lifting and mean any stationary or mobile Equipment including attachments for anchoring, fixing or supporting that Equipment which is operated solely by means of the operator without any powered assistance.
Examples: Chain Blocks Lever Hoists Snatch Blocks
Gin Wheels Jacks
Inspection of Lifting Accessories or Loose Gear
All type of slings, shackles, eye bolts, clamps, rings, links, plates, hooks, loops, turnbuckles, vacuum lifters, magnetic lifter, pad eyes, Lifting beams / Spreader Beams
Inspection of Pressure Vessels & Boilers
Boilers and pressure vessels are used for various applications in all types of locations: schools, hospitals, office towers, factories, day care centers, restaurants, libraries, government buildings, refineries, chemical plants, and many other facilities.
Thorough inspections are conducted according to the relevant BS EN standard and the inspection certificate or report is issued.
Air Receivers
Storage Tanks
Diesel Storage Tank (Dubai Civil Defense Approved)
Sandblasting Pots
Earth Moving / Construction Machineries
Telehandler Wheel loaders Backhoe Loader/Shovels Excavators Skid Steer Loaders (Bobcats)
Compact Rollers Vibrators Graders Dozer Dumber Grab Piling Rigs
Containers / Structures / Baskets
Offshore containers, Offshore baskets, cargo carrying units Material Baskets, Material Skips
Skids, Custom-made Structures, Lifting Frames Manbaskets Concrete Bucket Cylinder Baskets
Cylinder Racks
PPE Items
Safety Harness Connectors Anchors Lanyards
Marine Field
Bollard Pull Test Offshore Crane / Deck Crane Lifeboat Davits / Rescue Boat Davits Engine Room / Pump Room Cranes Engine Room / Pump Room Cranes Winches Loose Gears Ropes and slings
MT, PT, VT and UTG
Welders Performance Qualification Test (WPQ) Consultation for preparation of welding procedures (WPS, PQR)
Welding visual inspection