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Liftek Calibration Service
It is a common case for any load cell to have a drop in its accuracy and also to become unstable even with proper care and maintenance. This could be due to a number of reasons, the most common being the wear and tear on the inner working of the load cell from the general use it is put to. It is highly recommend that all loadcells should be calibrated annually, to make sure that you have access to the correct load measurements.
Liftek offers calibration services for all kinds of T24 load cells
Calibration carried out on 200T and 800T test beds available at Liftek facility
Process include linking client load cell to the reference load cell using custom software application developed exclusively for calibration by Power Jacks
All calibration certificates are valid for 1 year and will be issued by Power Jacks, UK
The accuracy of the device used for the applied value is traceable to National Standards with BS EN ISO 7500-1:2004
Calibration and testing performed to BS 8422:2003 (Standard and Supplementary A Applied)